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  • A BROKEN SYSTEM SO BE AFRAID April 9, 2019 - Just Imagine. No you do not have to imagine. Why? Because this actually happens. You are crossing the road or even on the pavement with a family member. A drunk or drug induced driver, safe in the knowledge that the police are useless hits your relative and speeds away. Then Read More
  • BLOODY SUNDAY March 26, 2019 - Should British soldiers be prosecuted for what happened on that most unfortunate of days? You may think YES or You may think NO. Many discussions have taken place on this subject. We will not discuss whether they should or should not face prosecution. The question we will ask is some Read More
  • DAVID LAMMY CAN ONLY BE DESCRIBED… March 7, 2019 - ... AS AWFUL. Why do I run this blog? To beg politicians to bring commonsense solutions to matters affecting the public. I approach politicians from across the political divide. So when I heard David Lammy making a lot of noise about citizens affected by what is commonly known as the Read More